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Hot Teen Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905 Hiya!  How’s it going, guys?  Are you feeling naughty today?  I sure am! I’m a naughty lil’ nympho and I have cock on the brain! I’m not sure if it’s all the hot sex I have been having with my new fuck buddy or what, but I have just been too damn hot lately!

The other day, I texted him to come over during his lunch break because I was really hungry for his dick.  He asked me what I was hungry for and I told him that I really wanted to eat some of his cum.

Let’s just say that he showed up my house about nine minutes into his lunch break and it didn’t take long for me to get his zipper pulled down and in my greedy, little, slutty mouth.  I smiled at him while I jacked his huge member into my hot little teen mouth.  I was gagging on it because it was so huge but that is okay…. Those of you who have gotten really nasty and naughty with me know that I have no problem with gagging during a naughty, live phone sex call!  I love it!  I just love cock — can you tell?  I’m told that I’m a good little cocksucker – but I will let you be the judge of that 😉

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Young voice coed phone sexHiya!  My name is Tasha and I’m a coed phone sex cutie.  My favorite kinds of phone sex are extreme phone sex and being a bad girl (and a good little cock sucker) just for you. I have a young voice and you will love my little giggle.

My mom had to work, so her boyfriend took me out for my birthday dinner.  I was wearing a light pink crop top and a spandex black mini skirt — something that I could never get away with wearing around my mom, but since she was working (and I was the birthday girl, after all), I decided to take my chances and show off my sexy little barely legal body.

“Seriously,” I smiled at my mom’s boyfriend, “I want my present.”  He just shook his head and told me that I would have to wait for it.

I slid my little black high heel up his leg and between his thigh, convinced that if I made him hard, that he would pretty much give in and let me get my way — as I always do.

“All right,” my soon-to-be-step-daddy sighed after another hour of my relentless begging.

He told me to close my eyes and open up my hands — and there would be a big surprise.

“Oh my goodness,” I giggled when I realized that it was his cock in my hands.  His cock was my birthday surprise! I had never even seen one before and it was downright outrageously huge!

“Touch it but don’t open your eyes,” he instructed me, flirtatiously.

He didn’t have to tell me twice to put it in my mouth.  Even though I had never seen a dick (let alone such a big one), it seemed to come naturally to me — sucking on his big dick.  I wrapped my eager little hands around his monster dick and started to jerk him off wildly in my mouth.  His big dick head pushed against the back of my throat and I couldn’t help it but gag a little on his throbbing dick.

That was the best birthday surprise ever!

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Strip tease phone sex

Do you long for a sexy little blonde phone sex cutie, making you hard and giving you precisely what you deserve Tasty Tasha after a long day at the job?

I was wearing a short little white denim skirt, a pair of hot pink heels (a bit overdone, but I love that super sexy little “wow” factor) and a pink spandex halter top.  I don’t have the hugest boobies in the world, so I can get away without wearing a bra when I have on certain tops.   The halter top gave me an oomph of cleavage, which is never a bad thing, either.

He had been kind of flirty with me that night, telling me that he wanted a lap dance, so I decided to try my hand at doing a little strip-tease for him.  We were watching a movie (read: actually kind of just making out a lot) and his hand kept on sneaking into my halter top, trying to cop a feel of my perky little boobies.

“Oh,” I stood up, smiling down into his eyes.  I slowly slid my fingertips up my thighs, showing him my little pink, satin panties that barely covered my bald pussy.  I slid my fingers up and down my pussy a little, pushing the soft fabric of my panties up into my slit, just enough to show him just how hot I am down there.

“You’re killin’ me, Tash,” he groaned, but it seemed like a compliment to me.  I pulled up my white jean skirt and unbuttoned it, sliding it down slowly to reveal my sexy little bubble butt.   Turning around again, I slid up on top of his lap, straddling him while pushing my boobies up into his face.  I untied my halter top and before you can say “Tasty Tasha,” I had my sexy little boobs up in his face, which was turning red with anticipation.

I put his hands on my pantied ass, giving him permission to grab me there while he sucked on my nipples.

“You’re bad,” I whispered into his ear while I kissed up on his neck.

“Oh,” he sighed, “You’re sooo gonna get it.”

I said nothing, but gave him a knowing smile, because that was exactly what I was hoping for the whole time.

What kind of fantasy would you like to try with this barely legal phone sex cutie?  I’m into all kinds of extreme phone sex – from sensual to downright kinky.

Tasha 1*800*931*5905

Coed phone sex cutie taks a ride on Santa’s North Pole!

Hey all you phone sex lovers out there!

Santa Claus knew that I was on the naughty list this year,  but he still brought me toys anyway!  I got a new little golden bullet vibrator that feels sooo good on my clit.  He stuffed my stocking with new panties, high heels and lots more sexy goodness!

“J” even let me call him Santa and I took a wild ride on his face!  He said, “Free mustache rides” so you know for a fact that I was all over that!  I got up on top of his sexy face and rode him like a wild cowgirl, wiggling my hips all around in a circle, bouncing hard and fast on his thick, pink, naughty tongue.  He even slipped his tongue up my sexy little butthole, which was a shock but very exciting at the same time.

I grabbed hold of Santa’s big dick and jerked on it.

“I think you’ve got a hold of the North Pole,” Santa giggled while I jerked it in my tiny little fist.

Turns out Papa Noel is a super naughty freak for a sexy little phone sex coed like Yours Truly!

Whether you are in the mood for a blonde phone sex cutie or just a little mutual masturbation phone sex, I’m your girlie pie and I’m always up for a hot time!  Dial me directly and I will answer the phone when you call.  You can use your Visa, Master Card or Discover and it’s always private and discreetly billed.

Tasha 1 800 931 5905

Tasha 1 800 931 5905

Cum loving phone sex

I love everything about the weekend!  First of all, there is something secret and sexy that I wear on Fridays that only one Cum slut phone sexof you will know what I’m talking about.  It pretty much makes me smile all day long. Then, when the five o’clock bell rings, it’s time to get on my party clothes and go totally wild!  I love staying up late on the weekends, too.

I love it when he calls me for hot phone sex and he’s already been playing with his thick, juicy dick and has it all primed and ready to go.   Sometimes, I put it in my mouth and he fucks my sexy little mouth like a naughty little cum slut.  I love to hang my head off the side of my bed and take a nice, deep throat-fucking like a good little slut.  Blow job phone sex is the best!

One of my favorite parts of blow job phone sex is how it can lead to sexy, naughty things.   Are you into cheerleader phone sex? I love to put on my cheerleader outfit and be a good little cheerleader slut for him, with my sexy little skirt pulled up so he can grab on my sexy bootie while I ride hard on his big dick.  I love hearing his big balls, slapping up against me while I do what I want with his dick.

My favorite part is seeing the cum squirt out during a hot little cum slut phone sex session.  Yeah, I will admit it… I’m a total cum slut and there is nothing better than begging for your load while I look up into your eyes.

“Please, may I have your cum?” I stare up at you, jerking on your big dick, begging you to cover my pretty little face in your cum.

Let’s party!

Tasha 1*800*931*5905

Sweet young phone sex with Teen Tasha

Talked to D.J. today and he was sooo super naughty!  He really gets off good on barely legal phone sex… I licked my friend’s pussy for him while she sucked on his big dick.   Then, I rode his sexy face hard and his tongue felt sooo good, rubbing back and forth over my naughty little clit.   I love being a good little cock sucker for him and having him go balls~deep in my mouth with his big, fat naughty balls slapping against my sweet little barely legal chin.  I know that I’ve said this before, but this really was the hottest phone sex session that I have shared with him.

As he exclaims,  “It just keeps getting hotter, sweetie!”

In case you are just now finding my site, I love all kinds of taboo phone sex calls….  First of all, I love being a bad girl for Teacher and getting my naughty little butt spanked.  Flip up my schoolgirl skirt and smack my little red ass!  I also enjoy being a bad babysitter just for you.  Maybe I stop by to get paid for watching your kids from the night before and you just put me right up on your counter and decide to lick my sweet little pussy.  Spread my legs and tongue-fuck my juicy little cunnie.  Your tongue will think you are eating cotton candy; my pussy is just that sweet.

Spring break officially starts tomorrow at noon!  Look for me and we will make my Spring Break extra naughty and cum-filled (kinda like me!)

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Hot teen phone sex

Hey there! J called me today… He just needed to talk to his favorite

Naughty teen slut
Naughty teen slut

sexy little hot teen phone sex playmate! He told me that he had been thinking about me sitting up on his face. Mmmm….. I just love riding up on his fat tongue while he laps away at my juicy little shaved tight pussy. I knew he was ready to get really naughty when his tongue slid from my cunnie right down into my tight little naughty butt hole! I giggled when I felt his wet tongue licking on my sweet, young asshole. By the way he was licking away at my hot holes, he said that he had been hungry for his little toy all week long.

Since he did such a good job of making me squirt all over his face like a good little slut, I was sure to milk his big daddy dick nice and hard. He has such a long and fat one, too. I can make it grow to a full nine inches and everybody knows that I love getting really big dick, too.

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I’m just so excited to be back in school! Summer was fun, yeah, but now it’s time for me to get out my naughty little schoolgirl outfit and have some fun with some naughty older men out there! Are you a naughty older man? Do you enjoy sexy little younger girls like me? I’m just barely legal and I love to please and be a naughty little cock teaser, too. Do you like naughty schoolgirl phone sex?

Maybe I can wear my little red, black and white plaid skirt for you with my naughty little white cotton panties. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really naughty, I like to wear my panties just a little bit too tight so that my panties kind of wander up into my little bald pussy just a little bit. It makes my little pretty pussy get sooo juicy and wet.

I painted my pretty little fingernails a juicy red color with a wet-effect look. They make my fingers look so hot when they are wrapped around a big cock! Maybe I can make your dick nice and hard with my sexy little fingers. I love being a good little schoolgirl cocksucker. Can I be a good little gagger girl on your cock? I’m a naughty blonde teen phone sex girl and I love to play with dirty older men!

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Your little cock sucker in training,
Tasty Tasha

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Hey everybody!!!  How are you doing tonight?  I hope you are feeling dirty, like I am.  I love being a good little fuck slut for cock… I really love to play with a cock, stroke it and smile up at you while I slide it right into my mouth. I love being a dirty little blonde cocksucker!

Of course, I love to have my sweet little pussy licked on as well… that is so hot!  J calls me his Oral Princess because we love to sixty-nine.  That is definitely one of our favorite positions!  I think that J really liked my little wet fingers popping in and out of his tight ass while I sucked on his fat dick because his fat cock kept getting harder, fatter and longer in my sweet little mouth.

I’d like to give a little shout-out to anybody who has helped me cum on my vibrator because it’s fucking awesome! Seriously, I have this new toy and it’s called a bullet.  It should be called a MAGIC bullet because it feels so good while it’s rubbing against my tight little pussy.

Oh, be sure to follow me on Twitter to get my newest updates as to what I’m doing!  Sometimes, I will just update my Twitter and not my blog because it is quick and I can even do it from my cell phone.  I like to give you guys all the naughty updates of all my fuck stories, on Twitter I’m SuperSexyBlonde.

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Hey guys!
My first week back to school went so awesome.  I am going to do some shopping tonight for some new school clothes…. I am looking for a new little plaid skirt.  I just love driving all the guys totally wild with my sexy little outfits.  My friend and I are going to this new raw restaurant tonight.  Maybe there will be some cute boys there.

I am totally excited about all the guys who told me the they love my tits, so don’t worry, I never will get fake ones.  Mine are big enough… especially for petite little me.

I’m really in the mood to such some dick tonight.


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How are you doing?  I’m great.   I was thinking about getting implants, but honestly, I think I like having perky little titties.  They are very sensitive and I don’t want to lose feeling in them.  Hey, they love being sucked on!

Are you in the mood to fuck around?  Is your dick feeling a little big neglected?  Have you been stroking for a while and you’re in the mood to shoot cum all over a little hottie?

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