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He slid behind me in bed and almost instantly, I felt his big boner rubbing up against my pink satin panties.  I looked Tasha 1 800 931 5905back at him and smiled into his eyes, giving his dick a sexy little tug with my tight little fist.  My other fingers trailed down to his big, naughty balls and I could feel just how tight they were for me.

He flipped me up on top of him and I started to suck on his tongue while my panty-clad pussy rubbed against his big dick.   His big hands found my tight little ass and gave me a squeeze while I wiggled around on top of him.  He slipped my little nightie off and started to suck on my nipples, one by one.   His finger rubbed up and down my ass crack as I wiggled around up against him.

While he was laying there, I arched my back and sat up, straddling him while I looked down into his eyes.  I pulled my panties over to the side, showing him my little bald pussy.  I reached around his big dick with my tight little fist and rubbed his big mushroom head up and down my slit.   I slid just the head in and squeezed my pussy muscles around his dick hard, giving him head a naughty taste of just how good it would feel to be up inside of Tasty Tasha’s little pussy.

He grabbed my hips and started to go up inside of me, but I resisted, flipping off of his dick.

“Not yet,” I smiled at him, knowing all too well that I would be cock teasing him so good, all night long.

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