Birthday Poem For J

I told him I had a birthday present for him…. and so he called me.  He always turns me on soooo much.  Even when I see his name pop up on IM, I know he’s a very naughty older man who just loves a little teen slut like me.

B is for bad… I’ve been bad and I need a spanking!
I is for innocent… I act like I’m innocent, but I’m not…
R is for ready… I’m always ready to play with J!
T is for tease… I love to tease his asshole with my tongue!
H is for hottie… He tells me I’m a little hottie while he fingers my tight pussy.
D is for daddy… He’s my naughty phone sex daddy!
A is for anal… We both love anal so much..
Y is for yummy… I love his yummy cum!!

I hope you had a very special birthday, J.  I am glad that I got to celebrate it a little bit with you!


My mouth and pussy need to be fucked ~ Horny Little Schoolgirl Slut Needs COCK!!

Naughty TashaHey Guys!  How are you today?  I’m feeling like such a good little fuck toy today.  I woke up this morning, finger fucking my tight little bald pussy.  It was so fucking hot.  I was dreaming about this guy going down on my pussy and licking my tight little fuck hole.  MMMM my sweet little juicy pussy loves being licked and if you want to cum, don’t be afraid to sneak your tongue deep into my sweet little ass, too….

I was a good little school girl for this guy on the phone today and let’s just say that no means yes with this naughty little girl if you know what I mean!  I really love naughty older men and all fantasies are fulfilled with this naughty lil daddy’s girl!

I talked to J today for a lil bit on chat but he was at work (boo hoo!), which means that we have to wait til later to play… We still have time to get off together in our phone sex bank from that block of time you bought a while ago baby….  I can’t wait to get extra naughty with you… I want to beg to suck on your big dick like the good little cock sucker that I am!

I am making macaroni and cheese for dinner and I am studying hard like a good little school girl tonight.  I can’t wait for some hot phone sex for me to take a nice little break.

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