Submissive phone sex

I really enjoy being a good, obedient submissive for him.  When he calls me for submissive phone sex, he always makes Submissive phone sexme feel so at ease and so comfortable with him.  He makes me realize that I’m good hands, which is important.  As a submissive, you place a lot of trust in he who is calling the shots for you.  It’s a special bond, to say the least.

When he spanks my tits, it puts me into a world where I just want to please him and I will literally do anything to achieve this.  I love crawling across the floor, with my panties pulled down to mid-thigh, so vulnerable and naughty, like a hot little sex-kitten nymphette, just for him.

I wonder where he will take me next, but I do not question whether I will allow him to take me there.  I know like I know like I KNOW I will do whatever he says, not because I have a choice, but in my heart of hearts, I do not have a choice (or even want one).   I find myself effortlessly falling into “the zone” and all of my day-to-day concerns are erased with his stern-yet-loving commands.  Any trouble I thought I had is erased and my world is painted in with his needs and desires, which makes me burn for desire for my Sir.

He always makes sure that as his submissive is at ease and has just what she needs.  It’s an honor to be his submissive, but also not even a choice for me.  Once you are deep in the web of submission, you find that you really do not even want a choice.  It’s as natural as running from a fire, but so much more passion-filled than that.

I’m a good little girl and I specialize in teen phone sex fantasies.  Nothing is too naughty for this little cock-teasing, spoiled princess!

When you are dial me for a on-on-one blonde phone sex session, you will find that all of your cares and concerns disappear and nothing is left but this sexy little cutie, riding up on your cock, taking such sweet care of you.

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Spanking submissive phone sex

I love it when he spanks me.  He doesn’t ask me if I need a spanking because he knows that I do.  He knows that I need a dominant and stern man to order me around, but not a mean one.  He is the type to really care about his obedient submissive, which makes it all the more special.  I love being his toy, his girl and his sex slave.  I love it when he makes me crawl around on my bedroom floor and perform for him.  Even talking about it is making me want him… need him.

“Please, let me come,” I beg him.

“Back off,” he teases me, “Not yet, Tasha.”

What do you think?  Does my pretty little butt need a spanking?

The full moon was last night.  That explains why I was feeling extra naughty!   I’m going to play with the man who makes me howl on Friday.  I can’t wait!  I love riding his mustache and being his good little cock sucker, too.  If you love blow job phone sex, you will simply adore me!

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Teen phone sex
Teen phone sex