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Today has been so wild on the phone already with naughty cuckolding phone sex!  First of all, I talked to this guy who totally has a little slut for a wife.  She revealed to him that she has been fucking black guys for years, so that is very hot.  I told him that she must miss that big, black dick and that he should just let her have what she needs.  Sadly, his little dick is just oh-so-tiny compared to that big black sausage, so he should just give in and let her have it.

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I told him he could be a good little jack off boy and stroke his dick off while he watches her get fucked.  I made him into my little cuckold bitch, which he totally fucking loved.  My favorite part was when I grabbed Tyrone’s big, black dick and compared it to his tiny little white boi dick.  It was so much fun!

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Let me just tell you one thing, guys.  I know that you are out there, hopefully with a stiff dick in your hands.  I want Tasha phone sexyou to jerk that big dick just for me!  Nothing makes my bald pussy get wet like making an older man blast a huge load of cum.  I don’t just like to make you cum in two minutes (though I wouldn’t put it past me if I really wanted to) — I like to make so much baby batter in those balls and make you have an orgasm that will have your thighs shaking.
One of my favorite types of fantasy phone sex is making you give me all that naughty cum all up in my pussy, even though you know deep down you shouldn’t.

I will stare up into your eyes while I jerk hard on your dick with my tight little fist, making those balls bounce all over the place for me while I give you a sexy hand job.  Just when you feel like you can’t take my sexy little mouth any longer, I will lift up my schoolgirl skirt and slide over my white satin panties, rubbing that dick up and down my tight little cunnie while I smile at you.

“We shouldn’t,” you will tell me, even though you know that you can’t resist my tight little young pussy.

“Are you sure?” I will tease you, rubbing that big head up inside my pussy just a little bit, getting that head slick with my sexy little tight pussy, clenching down on your mushroom head while it’s just a teenie bit up inside of my pretty little pussy.   Look at how hot I look with your head just barely inside my little cunnie, moving my hips around in a circle, squishing my fingers into your balls, gauging just how much cum I’m making in those balls.

“But I’m not on the pill,” I whisper to you, which drives you wild.  You know that you love the thought of blasting your load deep inside of me, draining your balls and giving me every drop of cum that you have in those balls.Don’t be afraid to get really kinky with me.  I’m your go-to blonde phone sex babydoll and I love all kinds of phone fun, from extreme phone sex to just making you blast all over my face (or better yet — up in my pussy!)
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Coed phone sex cutie taks a ride on Santa’s North Pole!

Hey all you phone sex lovers out there!

Santa Claus knew that I was on the naughty list this year,  but he still brought me toys anyway!  I got a new little golden bullet vibrator that feels sooo good on my clit.  He stuffed my stocking with new panties, high heels and lots more sexy goodness!

“J” even let me call him Santa and I took a wild ride on his face!  He said, “Free mustache rides” so you know for a fact that I was all over that!  I got up on top of his sexy face and rode him like a wild cowgirl, wiggling my hips all around in a circle, bouncing hard and fast on his thick, pink, naughty tongue.  He even slipped his tongue up my sexy little butthole, which was a shock but very exciting at the same time.

I grabbed hold of Santa’s big dick and jerked on it.

“I think you’ve got a hold of the North Pole,” Santa giggled while I jerked it in my tiny little fist.

Turns out Papa Noel is a super naughty freak for a sexy little phone sex coed like Yours Truly!

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Tasha 1 800 931 5905

I had never even felt a dick before!

I was running late for my babysitting job and I didn’t have time to change after cheer leading practice, so I just got in my Tasha 1 800 931 5905 car and hurried over there.  I was wearing a pair of tiny yoga shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Mister Peterson when I saw him sitting at the kitchen table.

“The twins are with their mom,” he explained.

“Oh, do I have the wrong day?” I wanted to know.  With my busy life, it was not out-of-the-ordinary for me to show up for something on the wrong day.

“No, sweetie,” he looked into my eyes, “You have everything right.”  Mister Peterson looked me from top to bottom, focusing mainly on my sexy little ass in those booty shorts.

I bent over, unzipping my pink duffle bag and asked him if I could charge my cell phone.

I think I jumped a little when I felt his hands on my waist and his warm breath on my neck.  He shamelessly groped my sexy ass and I automatically started to grind back against him, wiggling my little butt against his hard dick.   He felt so huge and hard and I had never even felt a dick before!  My heart started to beat so fast and I could feel the heat between my butt and his boner intensifying by the moment.

He turned me around and slid his thigh between my legs, grabbing my ass hard as he shoved his tongue into my mouth.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“What I’ve been dying to do to you all summer,” he kissed me hard, grabbing the back of my head, biting my bottom lip a little.

“But I’ve never done anything like this before,” I admitted.  My cheeks felt hot and my little pussy was throbbing with anticipation.

Let’s just say that he sent me home with a wad of money and a huge smile on my face.   I would love to share all of the kinky details with you if this turns you on.  I love taboo phone sex where I tell you about just how naughty I have been.  I’m a naughty phone sex kitten and I really enjoy being paid to be a kinky little coed phone sex slut.

Tell Santa that I’m on the naughty list this year.

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Foot fetish phone sex never felt this good

“I’m feeling so horny tonight,” I admitted to him on the phone.  He told me that he loved the fact that I have braces and Tasha phone sexhe also loved how young and sexy I sounded.  I do look and sound younger than I am.  I’m a coed phone sex cutie, but I do enjoy getting naughty in other ways as well.

“I have a bit of a foot fetish,” he confessed, “I want you to put on your highest heels and let me hear you walking around in them.”  Nearly without thinking, I obeyed him and started to prance around my floors, knowing that I was probably giving him a huge boner, simply from the clickity-clicks of my super high red heels.

“I want to slide my little heel up between your legs… while we’re out at a fancy restaurant… showing you my sexy tits pouring out of the top of my little dress,” I started to seduce him.  I heard him begin to breathe harder on the phone, which only made my little pussy get nice and wet.

I took off my heel and slowly worked my pantyhose clad little foot over his ever-growing boner, bouncing around his fat balls a little with my naughty, tiny, teasing toes.  His face turned red and I just kept toying with his balls before moving up to his big, juicy head with my tiny little prick teasing feet.

On the way home from our date, I rested my little feet up his lap while he nervously drove.

“This is dangerous, you know,” he smiled at me, half-seriously.

“Oh, do you want me to stop?” I smiled at him and slid my fingers into my sexy little panties, teasing my little pink button in a circle as worked that dick up into a huge, raging boner.

“You’re going to get it when we get back to my place,” he warned me.

I really enjoy foot fetish phone sex, mutual masturbation phone sex and turning you on in teasing ways that your dick so deserves.

When you dial my toll free number, please have your credit card ready and I will get you approved and we can start our naughty little phone sex fantasy together.  I will answer when you dial in.

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Anal phone sex with cum swapping cuties

Some people have asked me why I’m called Tasty Tasha.  While I thought the answer was pretty obvious, I guess I should just tell you, take a taste of this pretty little pussy and you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven!  I’m warning you, I moan so sweet while you lick me and my taste is sooo juicy and sweet that it will practically ruin you for other pussy.

I had some hot hotel sex with J the other night!  He was partying a little and was feeling like a wild man.  He decided that he was wanting some super hot phone sex with two little coed phone sex cuties, which of course doubles the fun for me!   I love dick and pussy, so fun was definitely had by all!

I started off by sucking on his huge, naughty prick and squishing my fingers into his huge balls.  I decided to get super naughty and I slid my tongue right where the sun doesn’t shine!  He moaned, so I figured that my tongue’s naughty little rendezvous was more than welcome.  He also lets us call him “Daddy,” which only adds to the naughtiness and enjoyment.

My coed phone sex partner in crime got up on his face and rode his tongue hard and fast.  I guess he was taking a card from me, ’cause soon he was licking her sweet little ass, too!

“I want both of your little asses,” he moaned, so we obliged and got up on all fours, arching our backs and spreading open our little butt cheeks for him to fuck.  She was rubbing her sexy little tushie against mine and he started popping his big dick up my ass then hers and then back to mine!

I really had a feeling that one of our tight asses was going to be pumped full of cum, but he said that he wanted to cum all over our pretty little faces.  Now, my slutty little teenage friend loves cum swapping with me, so he pulled out of her tight ass and started to jerk off all over our sexy little faces!

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Cum loving phone sex

I love everything about the weekend!  First of all, there is something secret and sexy that I wear on Fridays that only one Cum slut phone sexof you will know what I’m talking about.  It pretty much makes me smile all day long. Then, when the five o’clock bell rings, it’s time to get on my party clothes and go totally wild!  I love staying up late on the weekends, too.

I love it when he calls me for hot phone sex and he’s already been playing with his thick, juicy dick and has it all primed and ready to go.   Sometimes, I put it in my mouth and he fucks my sexy little mouth like a naughty little cum slut.  I love to hang my head off the side of my bed and take a nice, deep throat-fucking like a good little slut.  Blow job phone sex is the best!

One of my favorite parts of blow job phone sex is how it can lead to sexy, naughty things.   Are you into cheerleader phone sex? I love to put on my cheerleader outfit and be a good little cheerleader slut for him, with my sexy little skirt pulled up so he can grab on my sexy bootie while I ride hard on his big dick.  I love hearing his big balls, slapping up against me while I do what I want with his dick.

My favorite part is seeing the cum squirt out during a hot little cum slut phone sex session.  Yeah, I will admit it… I’m a total cum slut and there is nothing better than begging for your load while I look up into your eyes.

“Please, may I have your cum?” I stare up at you, jerking on your big dick, begging you to cover my pretty little face in your cum.

Let’s party!

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Naughty neighbor phone sex

Hi and welcome to my teen phone sex blog!  Let me tell you about a little story where I was a seductive phone sex nymph.

I had just moved in next door when he started noticing me.  He noticed me when I was walking my dog, he noticed me when I checked my mail box and definitely noticed me when I was laying out in my bikini.   He lived with his wife, but I could not deny the ever-growing chemistry and sexual tension I would feel when his eyes would linger on my body, just a little too long.

I always had a sexy smile for him, but he had no clue that I was fantasizing about him just as much as he was thinking about getting his hands all over my sexy body.

Finally, right after his wifey took off for work,  I took a piece of my junk mail over and passed it off as a piece of his mail.

He could not take his eyes off my daisy dukes and I noticed right away that he had a huge boner, making his gym shorts tight at the crotch.  The head of his prick was pressed up against the flimsy shorts, shamelessly displaying itself for me.

“Mind if I take a look around?” I asked, “This looks like a lovely house…”

He nervously opened the door and I slid past him, rubbing my perky tits into his chest as I strutted in.

“Wow,” I commented looking around, “I love this place.”

“Why, thank you, young lady,” he trailed off.

I knew I should take my eyes off his boner, but I simply could not help myself.

“Oh, said shyly,” letting my hands trail down his tummy to his semi-hard cock, “and this feels really nice, too…”

If you want into some sexy, naughty neighbor phone sex, then I’m totally your girl!

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Naughty schoolgirl phone sex

Who is feeling like some good, old-fashioned schoolgirl teen phone sex? Tonight, I’m wearing a naughty schoolgirl outfit, which includes a sexy little plaid skirt, white thigh-highs, black patent leather Mary Janes and little white cotton panties.   Sometimes, I like to wear my little cotton panties just a little too tight so you can easily see my sexy little bald pussy right when you look up my skirt.

I love to keep my juicy little pussy nice and bald; it just feels better that way.  Plus, all the better for you to lick on it!  I want you to put me right up on your lap so that you can slip your hand up my skirt and finger-fuck my sweet little bald cunt.

My best friend forever (bff) and I were talking about going out for Halloween this year as naughty twin school girls, sporting a lollipop and all.   I’m sure that Daddy J would just love that.  We’d much rather take turns sucking on his big, naughty cock, though!  He loves playing with his two naughty little teen phone sex girls.  He says two is hotter than one and we agree!  The last time he phoned in, we played with each other’s pussies.  My friend got so wet while she was sucking on his cock.

I stuck my naughty little fingers up his ass while she sucked on his big dick.  We both hearing him have a naughty orgasm after a wild phone sex call with us.   I just love blow job phone sex!

Teen phone sex
Teen phone sex

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Teen phone sex with Tasha

Have you ever tried naughty teen phone sex?

I just had the hottest call ever.  He said that he just loved how hot and young my voice sounded, but I couldn’t help it because he was really super sexy too.

I had him lube up his big dick for me and let me hear him masturbate for me.  He was whacking it really good and it was all turning me on so much.  I love to make a guy jack off just for me.  I had to let me little fingers wander right down between my legs, to my sweet little bald slutty teenage pussy.

Hey, I could not help it but play with my clitty a little bit, because this guy was a whole lot older than me… and everybody knows that naughty older men are a huge turn-on for me!

I’m in the mood to fuck ~n~ suck, so if you are looking for a sexy little teen nympho, give Tasty Tasha a try!  I love to be a good little taboo teen for the right nasty and naughty older man.

I just love it when a good and naughty guy calls me for a naughty little afternoon delight… sometimes you need a pussy younger than your wifey’s! *giggles* Yeah, I’m a really bad little slut like that.


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Hey guys!
My first week back to school went so awesome.  I am going to do some shopping tonight for some new school clothes…. I am looking for a new little plaid skirt.  I just love driving all the guys totally wild with my sexy little outfits.  My friend and I are going to this new raw restaurant tonight.  Maybe there will be some cute boys there.

I am totally excited about all the guys who told me the they love my tits, so don’t worry, I never will get fake ones.  Mine are big enough… especially for petite little me.

I’m really in the mood to such some dick tonight.


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