Back from Vacation and now on Twitter!

Hey, guys… did you miss me when I was on a lil mini vacation?  I’m sure you all did, huh? *smiles*

I’m so glad to be home.  When I was away, I found the cutest plant ever.  It’s called a wandering jew.  The guy told me that it’s really hard to kill, which is good because I seem to kill all kinds of plants without even trying.  LOL.  But really… this one… seemed to call to me, so I wandered right over and grabbed it up.  The sales guy was telling me that I could put a hook on head and take him home too, but he doesn’t clean.

Sooo how are you all doing?  I’m home all alone, wearing my hot new mini and sexy clear heels.  I really need a nice, hard fuck.  I bet I could make something of yours nice and hard… Is anybody up for some extreme phone sex?

I’m a horny blonde who needs sex!

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