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I’m a barely legal phone sex playmate and I want to share with you a naughty little sex story from my sordid past.

Soo I was babysitting for this family right after I graduated from high school.  I stopped by before I headed off to college to get my payment.

“Hi, Tasha,” the dad greeted me with a hug, “We are really going to miss you.”

I went inside for him to write me a check for the last couple weeks when I noticed that we were home alone.  I slid up onto the counter as I had so many times before, my short little skirt riding up my thighs.

He slid between my legs and leaned in for a sweet little kiss.  Shocked but turned on at the same time, I opened up my legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him in.  I could already feel how hard and huge his cock was and it made my little cunnie so juicy-wet when I felt it.

I reached my naughty little fingers down and pulled his zipper down and just like that – his big dick sprang into action.  I could not wait to get my greedy little horny hands around it and immediately started sucking on his pulsating penis.

“That’s my good little cock sucker,” he tapped on my head with a smile.

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I’m just so excited to be back in school! Summer was fun, yeah, but now it’s time for me to get out my naughty little schoolgirl outfit and have some fun with some naughty older men out there! Are you a naughty older man? Do you enjoy sexy little younger girls like me? I’m just barely legal and I love to please and be a naughty little cock teaser, too. Do you like naughty schoolgirl phone sex?

Maybe I can wear my little red, black and white plaid skirt for you with my naughty little white cotton panties. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really naughty, I like to wear my panties just a little bit too tight so that my panties kind of wander up into my little bald pussy just a little bit. It makes my little pretty pussy get sooo juicy and wet.

I painted my pretty little fingernails a juicy red color with a wet-effect look. They make my fingers look so hot when they are wrapped around a big cock! Maybe I can make your dick nice and hard with my sexy little fingers. I love being a good little schoolgirl cocksucker. Can I be a good little gagger girl on your cock? I’m a naughty blonde teen phone sex girl and I love to play with dirty older men!

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Your little cock sucker in training,
Tasty Tasha

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Hey guys!
My first week back to school went so awesome.  I am going to do some shopping tonight for some new school clothes…. I am looking for a new little plaid skirt.  I just love driving all the guys totally wild with my sexy little outfits.  My friend and I are going to this new raw restaurant tonight.  Maybe there will be some cute boys there.

I am totally excited about all the guys who told me the they love my tits, so don’t worry, I never will get fake ones.  Mine are big enough… especially for petite little me.

I’m really in the mood to such some dick tonight.


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