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Hey there!  Just got back from a little Christmas party.  My cousin gave me the cutest little bikini!  Her big boobs are way bigger than mine and she got it  for xmas, so she just passed it along to me.  Cool, huh??  One time, we had this hot threesome with a guy.  Well, it was not really a threesome… just me sucking on her tits while we both sucked his cock and she sucked on my boobs too.  He shot it all over her big tits and I ended up licking up all the cum off of her titties.  I can tell you all kinds of naughty stories if you like talking dirty!

I’m in the mood to be a good little cocksucker tonight and maybe even a little cheerleader slut!!  What do you have in mind, baby?  I want to make your big dick feel really good.  I’m a pretty little blonde slut that will make your dick so big and hard.  Let’s have an orgasm together.  I love masturbation.

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